Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our vision is Canadian tourism excellence. Period. Our mission is to ignite tourism entrepreneurs across Canada: empower them with knowledge, spark their innovative spirit and encourage a healthy appreciation for competitiveness and being the best they can be.

“Our vision is tourism and hospitality excellence – we want to raise the bar in product and experience development in Canada’s tourism industry. Our national Ignite team of coaches and mentors is focused on guiding our Firecircle members in building robust, professional, market and export-ready businesses through foundational concepts and mentorship in a way that has not previously been accessible for many of our clients.”

Our Team

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Deneen Allen - Founder and CEO

Deneen Allen

Founder & CEO

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Paul Cressman - The Voice of Firecircle

Paul Cressman

The Voice of Firecircle

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Shannon Quinlan - Creative Director

Shannon Quinlan

Creative Director

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Deneen Allen - Founder and CEO

Bobbi Carpino

Lead Coach

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Paul Cressman - The Voice of Firecircle

Caron Palmer

Learner Experience Specialist

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Shannon Quinlan - Creative Director

Laura Boehm


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Steve Bartlett

Firecircle Ignite Mentor

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Jasmine Cumberland

Firecircle Ignite Coach & Mentor

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Joseph Macdonald

Firecircle Ignite Mentor

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Isabelle Morin

Firecircle Ignite Coach & Mentor

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We Celebrate Individuals

Our values include knowledge, innovation and excellence, and we're committed to ensuring that your experience with us provides you with the educational resources, online learning platform and the kind of engagement that lifts you up and supports you through your entrepreneurial journey.

We're working hard to provide fun, accessible tools that are inclusive. The current course materials include over 450 animated videos in over 8 hours of workshops in English.

We'll soon be adding AccessiBe to our website for ease of multi-modal access and we have started working on translations of our materials into French.

Firecircle is available to anyone who has a dream of building a successful tourism business and so far our clients range in age from 16 to 76!

We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

We celebrate the individual while respecting heritage and community.

We support a free market economy that allows for competitiveness, innovation, investment and the freedom to be as entrepreneurial as you have the courage to be.

We believe in you.

Support for tourism entrepreneurs through your journey is available.

Email us anytime – a real, live person will respond within 48 hours. You can also complete the form below to receive updates and stay up to date on what is happening around the Firecircle.