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Laura Boehm

Laura is our administrator and database manager at Firecircle. Behind the scenes is where you will find Laura, organizing all things and capturing, collecting, and tracking data to help our team support you in your Firecircle journey. Whenever we encounter something that has us looking like deer in the headlights, we say, “let’s ask Laura”.

And before you think that administration and database management are the sum of this fiery and bubbly team member, let’s just mention a few of Laura’s slightly intimidating career highlights: over a decade managing heritage and science tourism and hospitality operations, followed by her leap into post-secondary education where she instructs in the areas of human resource management, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and hospitality law. Uh huh.

When she’s not teaching, she keeps her love of working in heritage and science operations nourished by remaining active as a consultant and volunteer in all sorts of experiential and educational pursuits. And (yes, there’s more) working with small businesses, operators, and educators, she lends support to building administrative and operational systems and jumps at the chance to complete projects and volunteer her time towards organizational and community development.

The question is not, what does Laura do? It’s what doesn’t she do?

Holding a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Simon Fraser University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resource Management, an Instructor’s Diploma from Vancouver Island University and certifications in built heritage conservation and business administration she is currently expanding her education in human resource management.

When not working, Laura and her family of four boys, (five including her husband), are progressing towards their taekwondo blackbelts together. Honestly, we’re not all pursuing black belts at Firecircle, but it’s a theme. Laura’s favourite thing to do is to spend time with her family exploring the West Kootenays and seeing if she can grow her own peach tree.

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