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Firecircle is Canada’s leading training organization for tourism entrepreneurs. Our innovative programs are delivered with mentored guidance to launch your dream tourism business or take your existing tourism venture to the next level.

Game-changing resources & support to bring your tourism business to life. Plan, build, launch and grow your best ideas with Firecircle’s trademark 5x5 Method™ delivered on-line with animated video content and supported by group and private expert-level mentorship.


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Not sure where to start on your tourism business journey? Or need some new resources to make your business pop? We’ve got you – let’s up your game together! Tap into our expertise in guiding tourism businesses across Canada to success.

Choose your level of Membership and get started on the Firecircle 5x5 Method™ - our easy to follow, 5-step, 25 workshop foundational planning and implementation program to guide and mentor you through envisioning your opportunity, building your brand story, building your operations, designing your product and managing your money.

Firecircle's 5x5 Method™ follows the same approach we’ve used for over 15 years to help Canadian tourism enterprises of all sizes in Indigenous and non-Indigenous rural and remote communities to plan, launch, grow and maximize their tourism and hospitality businesses.

Firecircle's proven 5x5 method™ entrepreneur program is the expert knowledge and experience you need, delivered in animated video workshops so you can take it anywhere, anytime, and always have access to our expert mentors.

Join the Circle and move your tourism dream from the spark of an idea to a full-on crackling business.

The Firecircle Experience

Firecircle exists to inspire new entrepreneurs and strengthen existing tourism and hospitality businesses.

The goal is to ignite tourism entrepreneurs everywhere, bringing your ideas to life using accessible, easy-to-use tools to build your knowledge and fan the flames of your business vision.

Firecircle provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business sustainability and the confidence to fulfill your potential as a visitor-focused, market-ready, and export-ready tourism business.

Your business will stand out from your competitors because you will fully understand and utilize the new information you will have on your market context, your brand story, your improved operating model, your improved physical design, and new financial management tools - the 5 key elements required to start and run a successful tourism business.

We’ll help you make sure that your business idea is exactly what people are looking for and we’ll help you build partnerships and packages to maximize your profit in the long run. We have over 30 years of experience helping new and existing business owners, just like you, maximize their business opportunities.

From the Blog

Firecircle Member Feature: Monique Collins

Mar 28, 2024

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Firecircle has been exceptional for us…you know what it’s like, putting that final piece in the puzzle? (Firecircle) completed it. Our eyes were open to a lot of things we just kind of wrote off or didn’t think about…it would be beneficial to anyone starting a tourism business to go through the Firecircle program.

L. and C. Munroe
Trapper Creek Outfitters, Saskatchewan

...I have explored (Firecircle's 5x5 Method) further, and it's truly remarkable!  I think it will be transformative for the entrepreneurs in our community.

G. Goldie
Tourism Planning Lead, Aseniwuche Winewak Nation, Alberta

Firecircle was a really good tool for me to learn how to execute these things professionally and it gave me those skills - through the templates and all the workshops - asked all the important questions that really get you thinking…Overall, if you want to be an entrepreneur, to go through the 5x5 especially, it really sets a good base for you to make your business successful.

S. Baraniski
Soup Town Cafe, Carrot River, Saskatchewan

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