What's Hot at Firecircle - June 2024

Jun 12, 2024

What an exciting spring it has been at Firecircle. Our Firecircle Community keeps growing, with more and more of you leveling up your businesses, creating new partnerships and telling us about your successes. Thank you for the wonderful feedback. 

Based on that feedback, we’re excited to share our new format of our weekly virtual group mentorship sessions. Click here for all of the sessions you can join. In addition to three weekly 5x5 Method™ sessions, you will now be able to join 2 weekly open forums called The Firecircle Journey.

These forums are for you to continue to meet up with knowledgeable mentors and each other - to share stories, ask questions and move your tourism business along, no matter what stage you’re at. You’ll also continue to access 2 weekly Marketing Labs.

These labs are super casual Q&A’s and working labs helping you with everything to do with:

  • Digital Marketing - from Instagram Reels, to setting up Meta Business Suite and using ChatGPT on your social media, social media calendar planning and more
  • Digital Advertising - Target Market identification, Meta Business Manager, figuring out Facebook Ads Manager, Ad content and more
  • Using AI - get up to speed fast on how to leverage AI in your business
  • E-Commerce - setting up your platforms and more
  • Designing Your Tourism Products - lodging, food, cultural experiences and much more
  • Accommodations - availability calendars, booking engines, distribution and more
  • Public Relations - how to write a press release, crisis management and more
  • How to Blog - creating a style guide, content, SEO optimization and more
  • Pricing - how to price, dynamic pricing and more

And finally, we’re excited to be introducing our bi-weekly, virtual Welcome Circle for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous new members of Firecircle.

Hosted on Zoom and led by Indigenous Firecircle coaches, this special introduction to Firecircle’s programs and resources - and other members - is open to anyone who is just getting started on their journey and is seeking the connection and support of our team and fellow entrepreneurs. Check out the weekly schedule that is emailed to you every Monday and is published on our Firecircle Facebook Community.


Log in here  and go directly to your dashboard to access all of these great new resources.

And now, on to other news, tools and resources to keep you moving toward your personal tourism dreams!