At Firecircle, we celebrate you. Our values include knowledge, innovation and excellence, and we're committed to ensuring that your experience with us provides you with the educational resources, online learning platform and the kind of engagement that lifts you up and supports you through your journey to tourism excellence. 

We're working hard to provide fun, accessible tools that are inclusive.  We're not perfect, but so far we've created over 450 animated videos in over 8 hours of workshops in English that can be watched and/or listened to anytime, anywhere, on any device with Internet or cellular service - on your schedule.  

We'll soon be adding AccessiBe to our website for ease of multi-modal access and in 2022 we'll working on translations of our materials into French.

Firecircle is available to anyone who has a dream of building a successful tourism business and our so far our clients range in age from 16 to 76! 

We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. 

We believe in you.


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