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Firecircle Ignite Mentor & Coach

Kerri Howarth


Kerri loves adventure, entrepreneurship and connecting with people! Kerri brings over 25 years of business development and counselling experience to the Firecircle Ignite team. She’s passionate in her desire in helping others to launch businesses and scale them to sustainability. She most enjoys the beginning stages of business where life is chaos, focusing on visioning and creating strong foundations through structure and organization. Kerri has worked with a wide range of businesses in all stages of growth from ideation to launch, scale and succession planning.

Kerri holds a BA – from a lifetime ago, is a Registered Nutritionist with vast experience in product development, restaurants, sustainable agriculture and holds several counselling certifications.

Unassuming and wide open, Kerri collaborates with businesses to achieve their goals which often includes assisting with funding applications. Working within not for profits organizations, community futures organizations, and the private sector her takeaway is that “Everyone has a story, and everyone is on a journey. I like digging in to find the gems and help make them shine!”

When not helping entrepreneurs to thrive, Kerri can be found exploring the wide outdoors or volunteering her time with community projects.

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