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Joseph Macdonald

B.Comm, MBA

Joseph is one of our illustrious Firecircle Ignite team mentors. Originally from Cape Breton Island, Joseph Macdonald came ‘West’ and has embraced all things Alberta, including the ability to wear a cowboy hat with great style and attitude. If we said that Joseph’s favourite place to be is on a horse, we would not be exaggerating. His deep love of the land in Alberta led him to co-found his long-running and current business, Home On The Range Adventure Tours. Since 2001, Joseph has been delighting and educating guests from around the corner and around the world about this iconic part of Canada: its original heritage, its ecology, its settlers’ past and what it means in the world today.

When he does get down off of his horse (we didn’t say high), he is another kind of educator, holding the position of Training Consultant in Part-Time Studies with the SAIT School of Business. Business, it turns out, is something that Joseph knows an awful lot about. Prior to assuming his role with Home On The Range, Joseph served as President of Angus Associates, change management and training consultants to the financial services industry as well as Director of the MBA (Financial Services) Blended Education Program at Dalhousie University. Joseph has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Leadership, International Business, Multicultural Management, Tourism, Finance, Accounting and Strategic Management for universities in Canada, China and southern Africa. He has recently taught at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. And you thought he could just ride a horse.

He has held management, training and consulting positions in businesses across North America, Asia and Africa. In addition to these roles, he has previously served on the Board of Directors of Tourism Calgary; the Advisory Committee for SAIT’s Tourism Program and as an Advisory Board member for the Cowboy Heritage Tourism Innovation Project. Joseph is currently Vice President of The Cowboy Trail Tourism Association. He comes by his roles as cowboy and educator very honestly.

Joseph brings new approaches and concepts to bear on old problems and processes. He is an entrepreneur and leader by design and in spirit. He understands the emotional competencies and adaptability that individuals and organizations require in their environment, and within themselves, to thrive and to nurture success. We love Joseph’s gentle wisdom and kind support and his dedication to our Firecircle team is highly valued in our collaborative efforts on behalf of fellow tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs.

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