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Jason Bacon


As soon as you chat with Jason, you know he’s an Albertan: he has that quiet, calm manner of a rancher (he’s not) coupled with a love of all things entrepreneurial. Albertans never care where you were born or where you come from - they just care about what you’re doing - right now.

It turns out that Jason was born in Ontario, but who cares? Since moving to Peace River at the age of two, Alberta is the only home he’s known. And, apparently, he came to the right place! Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit has been gaining momentum since age 10: His first entrepreneur experience was in the fifth grade when he and a friend collected tadpoles from the hills around Peace River and took them to school to sell to classmates. Then the principal found out and shut it down, giving him his first experience with regulation. Oh, the joys of business ownership!

Jason grew up with a love for camping and the outdoors, spending many nights (including some winter ones) out in the woods and experiencing the rugged beauty that is Alberta, from the Dunvegan Valley to the Rockies to the Badlands. He’s an outdoorsman, through and through. We don’t know anyone who owns more plaid shirts than Jason.

Jason found his passion in working directly with entrepreneurs through his early career in banking (we suspect he had to give up the plaid for a while) and working on many entrepreneur-supporting projects such as running the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge and starting the ATB Financial Entrepreneur Centre in Lethbridge, helping thousands of business owners all across Canada. Jason is a firm believer that anyone can be an entrepreneur: they often just need the right guidance at the right time. It is with this passion and belief Jason founded Sunstone Strategic, which guides entrepreneurs forward in their businesses, and how Jason came to us as a valued mentor at Firecircle.

Jason is also a husband, father and published author: "Entrepreneur-ish: Inspirations and lessons in entrepreneurship from vikings, pirates and samurai.” Jason wins the record at Firecircle for Ignite mentor bio with the most mentions of the word entrepreneur. You’ve scored if Jason is your mentor – enjoy the journey with him!

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