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Firecircle IgniteĀ Facilitator

Katie Simmons


Meet Katie, a Facilitator with The Firecircle. Katie, joined our team in September 2023 and brings with her a background in Global Food Security. In addition to her work with this team, she applies her skills in project management, event planning and community engagement to her managing and liaising position with the Vancouver Farmers Market.

Vancouver, BC is home and Katie knows how to appreciate everything her home has to offer. She embraces city life by cycling to work, to meet friends and to tackle her errands. Equally as important is the easy access to everything nature; ocean, rivers, open fields, mountains and backcountry. Katie, taking nothing for granted, skis, climbs, hikes, and plays soccer.

Beyond her professional pursuits and all-season recreational activities, Katie finds delight in river dips, food, (especially Asian pears), and the ever-growing art of making fresh pasta; especially if she can make it into a fun activity with family and friends.

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