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Firecircle IgniteĀ Facilitator

Gina Vandendool


Gina comes to Firecircle with a passion for connecting with people and building relationships. Gina joined Firecircle in June 2023 and is incredibly passionate about the work she is doing with participants as one of our Facilitators. Gina has an incredible sense of curiosity and how we can continue to improve the work we are doing with Firecircle participants and highly organized.

Having grown up on the west coast, her love for adventure and exploring the outdoors was ignited by the grandeur of the Rockies. In her teens, her family moved to central Ontario. It was there, during her high school years, that she fell in love with many different competitive sports, as well as developed a curiosity about human mechanics. This led her to pursue her degree in Kinesiology. However, instead of practicing in the field of physiotherapy as she had thought she would, she discovered her niche in secondary school education. It was there that teaching, coaching, curriculum development and community involvement kept her organization and leadership skills engaged for 32 years.

Gina can also be found with her hands in the dirt of her garden any day of the year. She is truly happy mowing the grass, raking leaves, transplanting perennials, designing flower arrangements or researching the next colour palette of spring flowering bulbs. She loves cooking, crocheting, painting walls, hiking, biking and traveling to new places with her loving husband, 3 adult children, son-in-law and 3 grand puppies. Gina enjoys sharing her culinary experiments at a variety of places where large groups of folk benefit from connecting over a good meal.

Gina eagerly accepts challenges when they arise. She is invigorated by learning new things and taking risks. Her career in the education field has taught her a variety of new skills that she is excited to put to use in her new work as a facilitator for Firecircle.

She has been inspired by the diversity of entrepreneurs she has already met from across this beautiful country. She looks forward to walking with participants on their journey to launching their dreams!

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