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Rebecca Atkinson


Meet Rebecca, a mentor with The Firecircle, hailing from the rural Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Armed with a Business Degree in Tourism Management, with a special focus on Food and Beverage, Rebecca became an entrepreneur herself in a highly seasonal and tourism-dependant region.

In the span of seven years, Rebecca transformed her business into a community beacon. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, she not only weathered the seasonal storms but also established a truly community-based business that thrived on shared success.

Rebecca's flame burns bright for sustainable tourism. Her belief in the power of collaboration to achieve sustainability echoes through her entrepreneurial journey. For her, entrepreneurs working together can create a ripple effect of growth, happiness, and economic benefits in rural areas.

A pivotal moment in Rebecca's journey occurred during a course where she heard the phrase, "We're not in competition with our neighbors; we're in competition with the rest of the world." This guiding principle became the driving force behind her business ethos. A rising tide floats all boats!

Rebecca's story is not just about business; it's a coastal odyssey fueled by passion, community, and collaboration. When she's not wearing the many hats of an entrepreneur and mentor, you will find Rebecca embracing the beauty of her surroundings – whether on a paddleboard, strolling through the woods with her super-sweet dog, or savoring local flavors from community-rooted establishments. When she has an opportunity to be the tourist, she finds inspiration in diverse cultures and architectures, always with a keen focus on the local food and beverage scene. Rebecca's tale is a captivating journey from the shores of Nova Scotia to the heart of community empowerment, proving that a single flame can illuminate an entire coastline.

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