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Ernesto Fuentes


Ernesto Fuentes is a dynamic individual with a deep-rooted passion for immersing himself in the heart of the action, where he thrives on forging connections with colleagues and clients.

His daily mission revolves around fostering meaningful relationships through hard work and genuine gestures.

From his early days selling tamales on the bustling streets of Mexico City to overseeing butler teams in the picturesque Maldives’ Atolls, Ernesto's journey in the hospitality industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

As a leader, he places a strong emphasis on self-awareness, efficiency development, and dedicated mentoring and training for his team members.

With a diverse background spanning luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, ziplines, cruise ships, and more, Ernesto's unwavering dedication to providing heartfelt hospitality experiences that resonate with people's hearts is his driving force.

When he's not actively working (which is a rarity), you can find Ernesto indulging in his passions for motorcycle riding, honing his photography and videography skills, exploring acting and modelling, and embracing the challenge of mastering the Japanese language and calligraphy. And of course, his love for his dog knows no bounds.

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