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Kim Putinta


Meet Kim, who has been a facilitator with The Firecircle since September 2023. She brings a love for knowledge sharing, tourism, rural life and entrepreneurship to the virtual table. As a rural tourism business owner herself, she enjoys hearing the ideas that are just beginning and listening to the passion that people have for where they live. Not just within the Firecircle family but around the world.

Kim has travelled extensively for work and adventure. She was employed as a Chemical Weapons Inspector with the UN-OPCW until 2016 when she left The Hague for rural Nova Scotia and committed to building an oceanfront campground and kayak centre with her business partner and husband, Werner.

Travelling for work often immersed her in rural communities (because nobody keeps their chemical weapons near the tourist traps) where she enjoyed experiencing a small part of their culture in 4 to 6 week packages. Personal travel could be anything from motorcycling through the French Ardennes to exploring the old cities and icons that you see on postcards. Every experience had a takeaway that helped her to build the tourism experience that she has now.

If you are ever in the area, please visit Norse Cove. She would love to show you how fortunate one is to live in an area where people choose to vacation.

When she is not tackling business responsibilities, working at the local hospital, or facilitating for The Firecircle, she can be found sea kayaking or hiking with her family and her dogs.

Thoughts on business? Love where you are and what you do. See your vision through the eyes of your guests. Grow. Be sustainable. Collaborate. Be good to the Earth.

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