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Bobbi Carpino

Bobbi, in her own words, is a Northern BC gal, through and through, growing up, working and living in several communities throughout that spectacular part of British Columbia. Down to earth, compassionate and big-hearted, Bobbi is sunny even when it’s raining.

Like so many brave entrepreneurs, Bobbi took the leap of leaving a 20 year career in the criminal justice system, first to launch her own photography studio and then again in 2017, becoming the proud owner and operator of a beautiful campground just north of Prince George, BC. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and mentorship and - given her time around campfires - you could say she knows a thing or two about our favourite pass time at Firecircle: sharing knowledge and mentorship around a circle!

In addition to running her own enterprises, Bobbi has mentored and coached new business owners for over a decade, sharing what she has learned as a business owner to support other entrepreneurs in meeting their goals and creating a successful business. Bobbi is a certified coach and specializes in working with her clients to overcome their limiting beliefs and to see their gifts, inner resourcefulness and brilliance to go beyond what they ever thought was possible.

In her spare time (ya - what spare time?) Bobbi is a Lieutenant at her community Fire Department and a medical first responder. Bobbi has a passion for serving her community and is paying forward all that she has learned in mentoring new firefighters and being there for her community in the event of an emergency.

Bobbi brings wonderful, warm energy to our Firecircle team.

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