5 Ways a Mentor Can Help Your Business Journey

Nov 17, 2022

Not all of us are born with natural business skills or entrepreneurial abilities, but they can be developed over time. Like most skills, implementing and practicing them will inspire learning and improve our understanding and implementation of certain functions. This is where a business mentor can help to develop and strengthen existing talents and work together with you to forge a more sustainable and scalable tourism business.

Mentors have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that they share to provide insight and help you understand the challenges and limitations of your business. Viewing your practices and processes from a fresh perspective or a new angle can reveal areas of growth or new opportunities for development.

Engaging a business mentor supports your tourism business journey in the following ways:

1. Develop Leadership Skills

Drawing on your history and experience, a business mentor can show you how to grow as a leader and give inspirational advice that allows you to refine ideas and determine the direction of your tourism business. They will give you clarity of thought. Through searching discussions and guidance, a mentor can increase performance and motivate you to make better decisions or align your business clearly with growth targets.

2. Maximize Your Business Performance

Business mentors have typically walked the path and have gained a high level of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector - experience which is then shared to help you avoid the pitfalls and to manage complex issues such as planning and marketing your tourism project. Collaborating with a mentor often involves deep conversations and developing an action plan to reach goals and objectives. This can help business owners to develop more quickly and make needed changes in the face of accountability.

3. Improve Problem-Solving Abilities

Being able to make strong decisions is a valuable skill for anyone in business but working with a mentor means that this capability can be developed faster. Dealing with challenges and identifying opportunities to move your business forward requires good problem-solving abilities. Your mentor will be able to support you in the decision-making process by providing alternate viewpoints, objective opinions, and oversight to guide you in the right direction.

4. Build Confidence

While confidence may not seem like a primary business skill, it is essential for making good decisions and managing your business without the tendency to second guess or limit your own progression. Helping you to develop your management skills or expand your network of contacts are all things that your mentor can bring to the table. With a wider pool of associates to rely on and a clear vision of what needs to happen, resolutions and conclusions can be reached faster and with less disruption.

5. Overcome Weaknesses

With a high level of experience, mentors can identify areas of pressure in your tourism business. This could include things such as your staffing levels, or your daily hospitality processes. Whatever they may be, a mentor will take a holistic view of your tourism operations and make suggestions on how to improve specific functions. They may be able to help you develop and maintain key staff members or lead your tourism business toward better profitability.

Final Words

For help and support with your tourism and/or hospitality-based business, Firecircle provides entrepreneurs with advice from our very own Ignite team: expert consultants who possess a proven track record in successful tourism and hospitality business development and growth. Take advantage of our Firecircle 5x5 Method tourism entrepreneurship program, plus other workshops, webinars and masterclasses so that you can launch your tourism business with the amazing support and mentorship of a Firecircle Ignite mentor.