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Firecircle Ignite Facilitator

Vanessa Smith

Meet Vanessa, a vibrant spirit with a heart set on exploring the world and igniting the passion of others. Despite a winding path through various post-secondary programs, Vanessa’s compass always pointed towards her true north: the innovative world of tourism and hospitality. She’s eager to embark on her next adventure with The Firecircle, where she joined in January 2024.

Rooted in a childhood filled with adventures, Vanessa developed an insatiable curiosity for uncovering hidden gems and experiencing diverse culture. She considers herself a student of life, always eager to learn from every encounter and embrace the richness of the human experience

Currently balancing her studies with a role at a beloved mom and pop diner in Ontario, Vanessa’s aspirations extend beyond provincial borders. Fuelled by her boundless curiosity and adventurous spirit, Vanessa dreams of exploring her home country and traversing every corner of Canada and beyond. Seeing herself live a nomadic lifestyle, she finds the meaning of “home” wherever she goes.

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