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Scott Mercs


Introducing Scott, who is a friendly and genuine guy, born and raised in British Columbia. He met his partner Anne in Nunavut, and they now reside in southern Ontario, surrounded by family and friends. With his passion for entrepreneurship and remote places, Scott has spent time living and working on Vancouver Island, in Banff, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Ontario. He even refers to himself now as a Leaf’s fan, to the disappointment of his family and friends back in BC.

Scott joined the Firecircle Team in January 2023 and has shared so much of his knowledge and experience with our team and those he mentors. Scott works full time for Indigenous Tourism Ontario, in his capacity as a Business Advisor. His passion for entrepreneurship and remote places led him to Firecircle, and his extensive experience running hotels and restaurants in remote communities in Nunavut and British Columbia has given him an appreciation for the particular challenges and realities entrepreneurs face as they begin to build their businesses.

Scott loves lifelong learning, and has a history degree as well as diplomas in both marketing and graphic design. He loves to read books and articles written by entrepreneurs, and is passionate about design, architecture and cooking.

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