What's Hot at Firecircle?

Nov 15, 2023
Zoom Call Meeting of Firecircle Team

We have so many good things to share in this month’s newsletter, starting with the wonderful news that Firecircle is a finalist in the 2023 Canadian Tourism Awards for Tourism Innovator of the Year!

…..We’re so honoured to be amongst the finalists for this prestigious award. Firecircle was founded in 2019 by Deneen Allen and Paul Cressman to fill the need for a tourism and hospitality-focused entrepreneur program that supports both startups and experienced operators in their quest to envision, build, launch and grow remarkable tourism businesses. Firecircle’s membership is growing steadily as entrepreneurs across Canada discover the effectiveness of our approachable, easy-to-follow 5x5 MethodTM resources and join our warm circle of Ignite mentorship. It is you, our members, who make this all worthwhile! Wish us luck in Ottawa on November 22 when the top award winners will be announced!