How to Succeed in Tourism: Aligning with Market Trends, Local Attractions and Consumer Behavior

Jun 12, 2024

Understanding the intricate dynamics of the tourism industry is crucial for anyone looking to establish or grow a tourism-based business. The key to success lies in a comprehensive grasp of your market context, which entails a detailed analysis of what makes your region appealing and how it aligns with larger travel industry trends. It's about recognizing the unique position your business holds within the broader travel ecosystem and leveraging this understanding to create offerings that not only meet but exceed visitor expectations, thus securing your business's relevance and prosperity.

Identifying and adapting to travel trends is paramount. By staying informed about the evolving landscape of tourism in your region, including emerging preferences for eco-tourism, adventure travel, or cultural explorations, you can strategically align your business offerings to cater to these new demands. This approach not only positions your business more effectively within the market but also ensures that your services are in tune with the preferences of contemporary travelers.

While global travel trends provide valuable insights, the importance of local attractions and the unique experiences they offer cannot be understated. Successful businesses strike a balance between aligning with broad travel trends and capitalizing on the unique characteristics of their region to attract travelers. This dual approach ensures that your business appeals to a wide audience while offering distinctive experiences that can't be found elsewhere.

Identifying the main attractions in your area and understanding how your business can enhance the visitor's experience of these attractions is critical. We call these main attractions the Stars of the Show. It’s possible that your business is one of these stars, such as a destination ski resort or a special tourism attraction, such as a water park or a marina, or perhaps a rural antique shop that people travel far and wide to shop at. 

Most of the time however, the Stars of the Show are bigger than our individual businesses. Think natural elements, such as the mountains or lakes near you, or the national park that is a few miles from your B&B, or the music festival that happens every year in your town. These are the main draws, and your business will benefit by building your business to support these ‘Stars’. In this way, we play a ‘Supporting Role’ to these bigger travel motivators. Not only is this beneficial to your tourism destination, because you are providing much needed tourism infrastructure, but you will benefit from the visitation that is drawn to the Stars of the Show in your area. 

It's about recognizing what draws people to your region and ensuring that your services complement and enhance these attractions, thereby creating a more memorable and enriching experience for visitors.

By focusing on the unique aspects of your region and marketing them effectively as part of what your business offers, whether that is access, accommodation, foodservice, transportation, guiding or other programming around these Stars, you can attract a wider audience, potentially even expand your operating season and contribute to both your own financial viability and the success of your destination.

Download this worksheet to determine what the Stars of the Show are in your region. Enter the names of places, natural elements, cultural elements, local peoples, history, heritage, monuments, museums, visual and performing arts, festivals, culinary offerings, recreational offerings and other businesses or things that you feel are travel motivators to your part of Canada.