Firecircle Member Feature: Monique Collins

Mar 27, 2024

Meet Monique Collins: Firecircle Member

Dragonfly CreeAtions

About Monique

Monique Collins is on an exciting entrepreneurial path to launch Dragonfly CreeAtions, a venture dedicated to healing and wellness workshops and ceremonies deeply rooted in her Indigenous Cree culture. Monique’s story is a testament to the power of partnerships.

Her journey began with a collaboration with Rig Hand Distillery, where she took on the role of Indigenous liaison. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in offering Indigenous cultural workshops within an impressive 35-foot teepee located at the distillery. As these workshops and ceremonies grew in popularity, Monique saw an opportunity to expand her vision. She started her tourism business development program with Firecircle in June 2023, dedicating considerable effort to crafting a multi-sensory experience for her clients. Through teas and bannock, drumming, and thoughtful decorations, Monique weaves her brand's narrative with scents, tastes, sounds, visuals, and the tangible experience of crafting and playing drums.

Monique is on the verge of introducing a subscription box service that promises to deliver monthly, themed products in reusable and sustainable handmade wooden boxes. Additionally, she's forming partnerships with other Firecircle members in her region to offer local teas and unique dogsledding experiences, further enriching her portfolio of workshops and ceremonies.

Monique is a source of inspiration to everyone at Firecircle. Keep an eye out for Dragonfly CreeAtions online in the upcoming weeks, and visit her and experience one of her workshops at Rig Hand Distillery.

Listen here to Monique talk about how the Firecircle 5x5 Method™ helped her complete a robust business plan to seek funding for Dragonfly CreeAtions.