Are you ready to take your entrepreneur journey to the next level? Whether you are a new entrepreneur launching your first business idea or an experienced business operator looking to take your business to the next level, Firecircle can guide you through the process.

The Firecircle journey can be accessed in a variety of ways. While we recommend becoming a monthly or annual Firecircle member to access all of our tourism and hospitality resources, access to all resources including the full Firecircle 5x5 Method™ 5-step, 25 workshop series, live calls and coaching support is available through workshops. Take it a step at a time and work your way through the workshops focused on key elements of your business journey at a pace that is right for you.

Group Offers and Custom Packages 


A group package may be what your organization needs to help advance tourism in your community. Economic Development Officers, Community Administrators, Tourism Association or Destination Management Organizations can sign up a group in your community focused on tourism.

Ask us about group discounts and group coaching for 10 or more participants - or become one of our licensees with a minimum of 100 keys per year for your destination and access to in-person coaching, workshops, on-site coaching directly with your tourism operators, local conference speaking and more.

The Firecircle team can help groups:

  • Encourage alignment with your regional tourism strategy and fill gaps in your tourism infrastructure
  • Encourage and help develop tourism market readiness
  • Create special resources for your community on the Firecircle platform
  • Help new businesses integrate into your existing economic development strategies
  • Promote local business partnerships and packaging of services
  • Find efficiencies for businesses in your community through bulk supply purchasing
  • Provide group services such as low cost web design, bookkeeping, grant writing, and more! 

We are eager to work with your community, so please tell us a bit about your community and your needs. Contact us to learn what is possible and how to get started.

Contact Us to Learn What is Possible and How to Get Started!


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