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If you’ve completed the Firecircle 5×5 Entrepreneur Program, you will know that the Travel trade is the tourism industry term for all of the travel agents, inbound tour operators, online travel agencies, specialty tour companies and third-party re-sellers (wholesalers) that package, market and sell travel and tourism products.

Why is it important to connect your product to the travel trade?  When you are ‘market-ready’, the travel trade can take your business to places in the world where you can’t – both in Canada, the US and internationally. The travel trade offers you ‘distribution channels’ and a cost-effective way to market and sell your business – or package it with other products in your community, region, province or territory – and then market and sell these itineraries to a bigger customer base than you can reach yourself.

To help you get started in the process, Firecircle has compiled a list of key travel trade accounts for the primary markets that the Canadian tourism sector is active in. These are the places in the world that have historically had demand for Canadian travel. Covid-19 has certainly impacted this demand, but as international travel gets going again, many of these markets will still want to come to Canada.

While this list is only a small fraction of the travel trade companies that exist in the marketplace, the list we have compiled to date features companies that we have worked directly with in the past and know their business operations well. Go ahead – reach out to them! You’ll be amazed at how open they will be to learning about your crackling new business powered by your time with the Firecircle!

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