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Co-Founder and COO

Paul Cressman

Paul Cressman is the voice of Firecircle! If you’re listening to Firecircle's videos, podcasts and the occasional shower diddy, that’s Paul. Not that he’s coming to you live from the shower, but recording during a pandemic has certainly led to some interesting recording ‘studios’.

Paul has worked in community program development and capacity building in Canada’s North for over a decade. Paul’s expertise is in project planning, logistical support, risk management and program funding. If there’s a project to be coordinated and managed with humour, intelligence and compassion (ummm – like working with us on Firecircle…) Paul’s your (and our) guy.

Paul has worked with communities for many years to successfully develop, run and evaluate programs focused on culture and youth engagement, wilderness safety training, language revitalization and food security, amongst others – stuff that has never crossed the minds of most urbanites but is critical to healthy rural and northern economies.

Paul holds an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism from Lakehead University, loves being in the outdoors with his family and can sing like nobody’s business.

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