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Isabelle Morin


Isabelle (‘Isa’, to those have the fun of getting to know her) could fool you into thinking that she is very serious and always minding her p’s and q’s. Let’s just say that behind that professional veneer is one of our warmest, funniest and supportive Ignite team members. Isa’s charisma and intelligence always shine through and we delight in her directness – no fuss, no muss. Isabelle is our first bilingual (French and English) mentor who’s had experience across many industries, including professional services (law and accounting) and retail, at organizations of various sizes.

Isabelle excels at building departments, implementing changes and leading high-performing teams locally, nationally, in person and virtually. She most recently held the role of Head of Human Resources at Goodmans LLP. Isabelle is a CPA, CA and very much loves numbers, budgeting, reporting and all that comes with it (and at Firecircle, we’re always interested in showing you the power you gain from knowing the numbers, baby).

She understands the business side of People and Culture (yes, that’s with a capital P and a capital C). Outside of her business, TROIS Collective, Isabelle is involved in the angel investment community as a Limited Partner in the Women’s Equity Lab (Toronto). Originally from Quebec City, Isabelle is based in Toronto.

Isabelle enjoys spending time and travelling with her husband and her young daughter. She has explored many areas of the world, including memorable trips to South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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