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Firecircle IgniteĀ Facilitator

Amy MacDonald


Amy joined the Firecircle team of facilitators in June of 2023 and she is a fantastic addition to our team. Amy strives to provide our participants with the tools needed to get started in their Firecircle journey and to stay on track. Her warmth and passion to help is very evident when you meet her.

Amy started her career in IT infrastructure support, but after 16 years, decided to go for her dream job as a community college instructor. Fast forward 11 years and she is still in the position as an instructor and academic advisor in the business administration program at the New Brunswick Community College in Fredericton. Her background in education allows her to see the different learning styles our participants bring to Firecircle. Thank you for that Amy!

Her work passions include helping people recognize their potential, and then - helping them reach it! She holds a Bachelor degree in education from the University of New Brunswick, and a diploma in business administration with a marketing major. She enjoys working with students, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and anyone who likes to get things done. Alsoā€¦there is a special place in her heart for all things project management.

Her hobby passions include yoga (itā€™s been almost a year since she started hot yoga and sheā€™s never gonna give it up!), swimming, and playing dominoes with friends.

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