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Alex Leclerc


Meet Alex, who joined the Firecircle Ignite team in January of 2023. Alex is a mentor with Firecircle, a seasoned storyteller, and marketing specialist with nearly two decades of experience in crafting narratives, igniting brand strategies, and fostering business development across various markets and industries.

Alex has been the lead of significant, large-scale initiatives in Canada and beyond. From shaping brand strategies to international campaigns, overseeing product launches, digital development, retail expansions, to managing PR efforts, she's been a driving force behind many success stories.

Having lent her skills to esteemed organizations such as Destination Canada, Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec, Aritzia, Montreal's Four Seasons, and Spafax, the creative force behind Air Canada's enRoute magazine, Alex's reach extends across the international marketing and media landscape.

When she is not helping businesses, Alex is a devoted adventurer. Whether hiking with her dog, savoring the delights of new culinary discoveries, or planning her next adventure, she infuses her personal pursuits with the same zest that defines her professional endeavors.

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