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Why join the Firecircle Monthly 5x5 Method™ Membership?

Because you want access to Firecircle's game-changing 5x5 Method™ - the best tourism business development program available - a little bit at a time, to learn and build at your own pace.


Invest in yourself.

This is Firecircle’s budget and time-friendly option. Explore new knowledge and take your time to complete our workshops over a full year's membership, with an easy and progressive release of the 5x5 Method tourism business development workshops to keep pace with your busy life.

Firecircle's Monthly 5x5 Method membership gives you time-released access over 12 months to the 5 Steps and 25 Workshops of the award-winning 5x5 Method™ and a self-guided, custom business planning tool to guide you through all of the key areas of competitive market positioning brand story, operations, physical design, marketing, financial management, feasibility and custom business plan creation.

Plus, receive full access to all of Firecircle's valuable Community Membership resourcesAll the while, you’ll be growing your entrepreneurship skills AND your business. Add a few hours of private mentorship with our expert Ignite team at any time! It's unbeatable value!


All levels of tourism entrepreneurs welcome!

This program suits both new and experienced tourism entrepreneurs who are comfortable working through Firecircle's resources at their own pace and with minimal custom support. You'll still benefit greatly from the group mentorship provided every week on all of the concepts in the Firecircle 5x5 Method and our popular marketing labs. We have all levels of tourism entrepreneurs in our Firecircle Community, representing every sector, from lodging (small hotels, lodges, inns, RV campgrounds, glamping) to food and beverage, to tour operators, recreational guides, cultural programs, artisans, transportation businesses, and more).

What's included in the Firecircle 5x5 Method™ Monthly Membership? 

Tap into our 30 years of expertise and let’s up your game together!

The Firecircle 5x5 Method™ membership is based on Firecircle's foundational 5x5 Method™ - our comprehensive entrepreneurial guide that will help you envision (or rethink) your tourism products and services to launch or repoint the best business possible. You’ll create your most competitive and unique offering, understand your target markets and how to access them, create a strong brand story, optimize your operations and physical design, explore partnerships and packaging, and learn how to use the key metrics of seasonality, inventory, demand and pricing to estimate your business potential and guide your cashflow management.  Here's what's included in your program and membership: 

  • Time-release access to the Firecircle 5x5 Method over 12 months  - Our easy to follow, 5-step, 25-workshop foundational business development program.
  • Weekly Live Group Mentorship Sessions (7x weekly with various topics) - Join as many as you like!
  • Weekly Live Group Marketing Labs (2x weekly) - Both hands-on learning labs and Q & A sessions.
  • Easy-to-use worksheets and business tools - To incorporate all of the information you are gleaning from the 5x5 Method™ to help you plan, analyze and determine the feasibility of your business. 
  • Customizable, fillable, business plan template - To create your custom business plan for launching a new tourism business, expanding an existing one or to access funding.
  • Tourism Business Resource Library - Your one-stop source for set up, taxes, banking, accounting, insurance and other operations information for your business.
  • Canada-wide business funding opportunities - Continuously updated resources. 
  • Firecircle Facebook Community - Access to our private network of amazing tourism entrepreneurs like you.
  • Stories from the Firecircle Podcast - Short, engaging, information-filled talks and interviews.
  • Optional private one-on-one mentorship with one of our expert Ignite Mentors ($110/hour - 10% off)


Our Commitment

To fire up your ideas and level up your existing business with smart, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement resources and networking opportunities.

Our Promise

We guarantee that you’ll find this membership the most valuable thing you can do for your entrepreneurial development and your business! After all, we've been doing this for 30 years!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

You can opt out anytime after the first month if you're not completely hooked and steadily building your best tourism business! We’ll be here for you when you’re ready. The choice is up to you.

* Mentorship purchased separately. 


Here are some stories from our Community Members!

“Firecircle is the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I love, love, love the program.”

Claudine Billette, Firecircle Client and Tourism Entrepreneur

"I've really enjoyed the program and have gained so much knowledge about the tourism industry and how my business can be successful in this arena. Thank you again for offering such a great program. It has truly changed my life!"

Sharon Monkman, Firecircle Client and Tourism Entrepreneur

Join the Firecircle 5x5 Method™ Monthly Membership 

and move your tourism dream from the spark of an idea to a full-on crackling business.

 We can't wait to see the awesome business you'll create!