Firecircle Tourism Accelerator Program 

Blaze your way with Firecircle’s premium, fast-tracked,

business development experience.

6-Month Program with 30 hours of Custom Mentorship  $4,999


Why join the Firecircle Tourism Accelerator Program?

Because you're ready to commit to your tourism business now - and you want the kind of new knowledge and customized mentorship that can get you to the next level.

Invest in your business.

Firecircle’s intensive Tourism Accelerator program is a complete suite of our most valuable business resources, plus 30 hours of customized, expert one-to-one mentorship. Based on Firecircle’s award winning 5x5 MethodTM, this customized program will give you the framework, analysis, tools, dedicated mentorship and focus to think through every aspect of your business, and the viable business plan you need for access to funding and investment. Plan, validate, re-calibrate - and significantly improve your performance - in 6 months or less.

You’ll also have access to all of the business resources, networking opportunities, group mentorship and marketing labs that are included when you belong to the Firecircle Community for the duration of your 6-month membership, and the option to continue your membership after that for just $19.99 per month!


Accelerate your business development with Firecircle's Tourism Accelerator premium package - $4,999

Tourism entrepreneurs with 1 - 3 years experience welcome!

The Tourism Accelerator Program is geared to tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs with 1 – 3 years of experience in the  industry who are looking for intensive, fast-tracked mentorship in any or all of the key areas of brand story, operations, financial management, marketing, physical design and custom business plan creation. 

Tap into the award-winning expertise of Firecircle and blaze your way to success!

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What's included in the Tourism Accelerator Program

Consider Firecircle as your path to transformation. Whether that is through the envisioning and launching of a new business, expanding or changing your existing business or simply by achieving a better understanding of yourself, the Firecircle Tourism Accelerator Program is a strategic investment in your business development, expert guided support and ongoing learning! 

Here's what's included:

  • 6-month access to the entire 25-workshop series of the Firecircle 5x5 Method - Our easy to follow, 5-step, 25-workshop foundational tourism business development program.
  • Vision Session - 1 x 45-minute Vision Session call with a Firecircle Ignite mentor to explore your business vision and outline next steps.
  • One-to-one Business Mentorship - 30 hours of expert, customized mentorship with a Firecircle mentor
  • Weekly Live Group Mentorship Sessions (7x weekly with various topics) - Join as many as you like!
  • Weekly Live Group Marketing Labs (2x weekly) - Both hands-on learning labs and Q & A sessions.
  • Easy-to-use worksheets and business tools - To incorporate all of the information you are gleaning from the 5x5 Method™ to help you plan, analyze and determine the feasibility of your business. 
  • Customizable, fillable, business plan template - To create your custom business plan for launching a new tourism business, expanding an existing one or to access funding.
  • Tourism Business Resource Library - Your one-stop source for set up, taxes, banking, accounting, insurance and other operations information for your business.
  • Canada-wide business funding opportunities - Continuously updated resources. 
  • Firecircle Facebook Community - Access to our private network of amazing tourism entrepreneurs like you.
  • Stories from the Firecircle Podcast - Short, engaging, information-filled talks and interviews.
  • Optional additional private one-to-one mentorship with one of our expert Ignite Mentors ($99/hour - 20% discount) 


Our Commitment

To fire up your ideas and level up your existing business with smart, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement resources and networking opportunities.

Our Promise

We guarantee that you’ll find this membership the most valuable thing you can do for your entrepreneurial development and your business! After all, we've been doing this for 30 years!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

*Your satisfaction is our guarantee and we will do what we can to make it right. If you are not convinced that Firecircle’s Tourism Accelerator Program will enhance your tourism business development, you may cancel within 30 days of purchase and having used a maximum of 3 hours of private mentorship with a minimum charge of $1,299 (the cost of the Firecircle 5x5 Method™).


What our Community Members have to say!

"I just have to say - my Mentor has been the most valuable aspect of Firecircle for me AND I’ve gained so much from the process online and the videos and worksheets. It’s so valuable to have real human connection in a program like this. I am grateful for all the opportunities with the calls with other leaders and participants too! Thanks for this opportunity for me to shine!!!"

Paula Kent, Firecircle Client and Tourism Entrepreneur

"I made the decision to join Firecircle, and since then, it feels as though all the pieces of my vision have fallen into place in perfect sequence. The program's structure, training videos, worksheets, and mentor hours have guided & encouraged me to delve deep into my business vision, capabilities, and possibilities. What once seemed like distant aspirations now feel within reach."

Angela Lightning, Firecircle Client and Tourism Entrepreneur

Join the Firecircle Tourism Accelerator Program and blaze your way to business success.

We can't wait to see the awesome business you'll create!