Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship


Are you seeking a more supported path and better knowledge to guide your entrepreneurial journey?

Reaching your full tourism business potential is closer than you think!

Limited-Time Opportunity

The Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program

Right now, you may qualify to join 500 Indigenous entrepreneurs in Firecircleā€™s fully-funded and mentored business development program to truly ignite your tourism business!

Our Goal

To ignite tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs everywhere to achieve your goals, whether youā€™re just starting out or have been in the business for years.

Our Promise

To fire up your ideas and level up your existing business with smart, easy to understand, and easy to implement tools and resources.


What is the Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program? 

A comprehensive business development program founded on Firecircle’s 5x5 Method™ and customized to empower 1,000 Indigenous, Northern and Rural tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs from across Canada to envision, launch and grow their best business ideas through a series of animated online and live video workshops, step-by-step guidance and expert, sustained mentorship.

What are the Benefits?

  • Personalized coaching and mentorship
  • Confidence, independence, pride & change
  • Being your own boss, while helping your family and community
  • Networking
  • Firecircle’s 5x5 Method™: 5-step, 25 animated video workshops, worksheets, workbook customized for Indigenous audience
  • Personalized vision session
  • Business mapping template
  • 5 additional custom workshops to support Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Live weekly themed calls on Firecircle 5x5 concepts
  • Group and individual coaching – life and entrepreneurial mindset skills
  • Group and individual business mentorship (Indigenous and non-indigenous subject matter experts in tourism and hospitality development)
  • Design, operations, branding, marketing and financial management mentorship
  • Affiliate opportunity (future potential to become a Firecircle mentor in your community and earn $

What to expect after completion?

  • A clear understanding of yourself, your business and a plan for success
  • A path to transformation - the support to pivot or re-start your business post-pandemic
  • Opportunities for self employment while strengthening local economies and communities
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge within: branding and marketing, operations, finance, physical design
  • Access to a community and network of business leaders and entrepreneurs to continue learning from
APPLY NOW! It only takes 7 min!

Here are Some Stories from our Successful Graduates!

“I think it would be beneficial to anyone starting a tourism business to go through the Firecircle program. It’ll really open their eyes to how they need to conduct their business and the support with the Firecircle group is amazing..."

- L. and C. Munroe, Trapper Creek Outfitters, Saskatchewan

“Firecircle really helped me dig deep, and find the direction that we want to go….Firecircle was a really good tool for me to learn how to execute these things professionally and it gave me those skills - through the templates and all the workshops - asked all the important questions that really get you thinking…Overall, if you want to be an entrepreneur, to go through the 5x5 especially, it really sets a good base for you to make your business successful.”

- S. Baraniski, Soup Town Cafe, Carrot River, Saskatchewan

Look out, world!

You’ll be blazing your way to a competitive, sustainable and amazing tourism business in no time!

Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship is a project of The Firecircle Ltd. and is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program (SIP) and our partners at Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada.