Firecircle is at TIAC Tourism Congress 2021

Chat with us about how over 1,500 rural and remote tourism entrepreneurs will be onboarded to Firecircle in 2022!


Vancouver, BC – Tourism small businesses across Canada just got a powerful new tool to help them emerge from the pandemic slump.

The only fully-digital organization of its kind in Canada, Firecircle makes it easy for tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs to build powerful businesses and develop strong organizations that are ready to take on today's market.

"The Firecircle was founded to inspire new - and strengthen existing - tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs. We are especially focused on building resilient businesses through foundational knowledge and sustained mentorship in a way that has not previously been accessible.” says Deneen Allen, CEO.

Along with bi-weekly live coaching calls, monthly thematic webinars and quarterly masterclasses, Firecircle’s 5x5 MethodTM is a series of 25 animated step-by-step, video workshops focused on the 5 key areas of market positioning, brand story, operations, physical design and financial management – the building blocks required to envision, plan, build and grow viable, resilient businesses – now and for the future.

Firecircle is membership-based, with flexible options starting at $39 per month. Firecircle offers a 14-day free trial because it wants clients to immediately see how they can add value to their businesses and organizations.

Founder and CEO Deneen Allen is one of Canada's most respected tourism and hospitality consultants with a track that combines her experience in design and construction, finance, entrepreneurial business development, marketing, management and operations to build exceptional, comprehensive and financially viable tourism and hospitality projects. She and her team have helped to turn around dozens of businesses, building both profitability and sustainability within those organizations. Deneen, along with her Firecircle team, has devoted the past two years to sharing the lessons and experience that she's built as a widely accessible online platform dedicated to tourism excellence.

Look for Deneen Allen and Paul Cressman at TIAC Tourism Congress in Ottawa, Nov 30-Dec 1, 2021

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