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Firecircle Ignite Facilitator

Juanita Tait

Juanita is our first facilitator to join Firecircle and she is setting the bar high for future community engagement team members with her deep appreciation for learning and growing and being the best Ignite team members we can be to serve our Firecircle clients.

Juanita's Nisga'a name is Anhluut'ukwsim Gibuu. She originally comes from the Nisga'a Nation (laxgibuu tribe, wolf), house of Wii Naa Buxw, Laxgalt'sap (Greenville, BC) and brings her quiet, intent listening and facilitation skills to our community work with Firecircle entrepreneurs.

A sociologist with employment, training, and administration skills, Juanita’s long-term goal is to continue working alongside organizations and communities to create awareness and opportunities for First Nations and the marginalized population in employment and the criminal justice system by implementing aspects of restorative justice with specializations and focus on a reduction in recidivism, stigmatization, and systematic barriers through a multi-barrier approach to justice, education and training. She is passionate about research, education and community development and has a strong desire to support youth and women.

No wonder we wanted her on Firecircle’s team! Juanita’s Big Why lends itself perfectly to her work with inspiring many of our Firecircle entrepreneurs, helping them set goals and give real meaning to their lives through the knowledge and experience they gain in envisioning, starting or growing tourism and hospitality businesses.

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