The Ignite Team


Firecircle Ignite Mentor

James Greey

James is a mentor on our Firecircle Ignite Team. Hailing (like, really - born and raised) from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, James brings the kind of business savvy and mind-bending systems thinking to the Firecircle team (and to chess and tennis) that usually makes our heads spin – and makes us all look good. Don’t be fooled by James’ quiet observation – nothing misses his attention (did we mention he plays chess?). He asks all the hard questions because that’s what he’s passionate about: problem solving.

James comes to us with an MBA in Business Administration AND a Civil Engineering degree from Memorial University. Yep. James has over five years of management consulting experience and has worked with early-stage entrepreneurs right on up to enterprises with annual revenues over $100 billion. James’ consulting experience allows him to create value for companies of all sizes and in any industry, including his work with Indigenous entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality sector. He loves business planning, operation optimization, and mentorship.

Most of all, James believes that supporting and creating change and results for our clients must be sustained. His strong belief in the transfer of knowledge allows for the continuation of value creation long after implementation is complete. James is here to help you achieve your desired goals and support you on your learning journey. We’re pretty darned thrilled he’s part of the Firecircle Ignite team.

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